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Our history

The first meeting "Via col ... Vento" was organized in 1990. The meeting had been organized for the six following years but than the bad conditions of the track did not allow to continue.

The works for the renewal of Donnas stadium took long time. After that a terrible flood struck the entire area in 2000. Organizing commitee had to wait until 2002 before restart with "Via col ... Vento" meeting.

In 2002 and 2003 lots of athletes took part to the events and the big succes of "Via col vento" meeting was confirmed.

From 2004 "Via col vento" meeting entered in EAP international events. (Europe Athlétisme Promotion)

Our philosophy is based on:

All the athletes who want to participate to the competition can do it even without specific results.
No sign up athletes
Background of friendship and helpfulness